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Precautions for Use of Glass Reactor

Glass reactor is just one of many kinds of reactors. Other reactors include enamel glass reactor, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, magnetic stirring reactor, electric heating reactor and steam reactor, etc., but glass reactor is the most commonly used . Glass reactor has the characteristics of pollution-free, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sanitation, and fast heating speed.
Precautions for use of glass reactor:
1. When conducting reaction with different media in a glass reactor, first check whether the media corrodes the main material. Glass reactor must be specially customized for a chemical reaction that reacts violently in an instant, produces a large amount of gas, or is flammable and explosive at high temperature, and for high pressure or high temperature reaction as well as reaction with the medium containing chloride ions, fluoride ions, etc. that will cause serious corrosion to stainless steel.
2. When the reaction medium is loaded, it should not exceed the 2/3 liquid level of the kettle body.
3. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble under pressure during work or at the end of the work. Glass reactor is not allowed to work under over-pressure and over-temperature conditions.
4. Connect the corresponding voltage according to the operating voltage of the controller, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, and the live wire and neutral wire of the controller should not be connected reversely. Do not carry out wiring work during power transmission to prevent electric shock! In order to ensure the normal operation of the controller and the personal safety of the staff, please connect the grounding wire. The controller itself is not explosion-proof, so it should avoid flammable and explosive environments such as oil and gas.
5. When the final reaction temperature is determined, the temperature setting value is not allowed to be changed during the heating process to avoid a large overshoot in the temperature.
6. Before operating the glass reactor, carefully check for abnormalities. During normal operation, do not open the upper cover and touch the wiring terminals on the board to avoid electric shock.
7. The measuring instruments should be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate and reliable operation.
8. The heating speed of the glass reactor should not be too fast, and the pressurization should also be carried out slowly, especially the stirring speed, which only allows a slow rise. In case of power failure, the speed control knob should be adjusted back to the zero position.
9. The instrument must not be cooled quickly to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature difference and pressure.
10. When the glass reactor is in operation, the water jacket between the coupling and the cover must pass cooling water to control the working temperature of the magnet and avoid demagnetization.


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