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How to choose a glass reactor

The role of the glass reactor is mainly to deal with reaction material, and it is often used in some fine chemical and other experimental industries. There are many types of glass reactors, such as single-layer glass reactor, double-layer glass reactor and high-pressure reactor. The characteristics and functions of these different types of reactors are also somewhat different. So, how to choose a suitable glass reactor?

glass reactor 

Basic understanding of glass reactors

Different types of reactors have different characteristics. Here is a brief introduction to single-layer glass reactor and jacketed glass reactor. The stirring speed of single layer glass reactor is 0-600rpm. The stirring power is 120w1/3, and the heating power is 3kw. Double layer glass reaction kettle has a stirring speed of 0-600rpm. The stirring power is 120w1/3, and the frame material is stainless steel. Glass reactors are also divided into explosion-proof glass reactor and non-explosion-proof glass reactor. The price of explosion-proof glass reactor will be a little higher, but many industries now need explosion-proof ones.

single layer glass reactor 

Clear specific requirements

Glass reactors can be applied to many industries, but different industries have different requirements for different work, so there will be some different requirement for the  equipment. Users can analyze their work needs in advance, and then make purchases based on the advantages and disadvantages of the product. In this way, a more suitable glass reactor will be purchased.

jackted glass reactor


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