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Daily examination of glass reactor

The glass reactor has the characteristics of no pollution, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sanitation, and fast heating speed. It has been widely used in modern fine chemical industry, scientific research experiments, biopharmaceuticals, colleges and universities, etc. as an ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, production and pilot test.

 lab glass reactor

Examination items of jacketed glass reactor:

1. When maintaining the glass reactor, if it is found that the heat dissipation of the equipment is not enough, it means that there is a problem. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the condenser matches the host. If it does not match, it should be dealt with in time. In addition, we can also wash the condenser fins with water, but this method cannot be used for a long time, because over time, scale will easily appear on the condenser fins, which will affect its heat exchange capacity and effect.

glass reactor kettle 

2. The finned tubes of single layer glass reactor should be thoroughly cleaned and arranged to ensure that they are clean and neatly arranged. A comprehensive inspection of the condenser should be carried out to confirm whether it is in good condition and whether it can work normally. If there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time. .

3. When cleaning the lab glass reactor, it is necessary to pay attention not to use acidic cleaning agents, but to use alkaline ones, so that the cleaning purpose can be achieved.

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