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Gas liquid diffusion mode of glass reactor

The glass reactor can be used for concentration, distillation, retorting, separation, purification reaction and other processes under the conditions of constant speed, force and temperature. It is an ideal instrument for teaching, experiment, pilot test and production. Due to its good material and high transparency, it is used by many laboratories. In order to improve the reaction speed, gas external circulation, liquid external circulation and gas liquid internal circulation are usually used.

 glass reactor kettle

1. Gas external circulation

The reaction gas is drawn from the gas phase space, pressurized by the compressor, and then introduced from the bottom of the reactor. It can be used together with the magnetic stirrer to obtain a large gas holding capacity and contact area, thus improving the reaction speed. The advantage is that it can achieve arbitrary gas circulation, while the disadvantage is that it increases the complexity and investment of the device.

 glass reactor vessel

2. Liquid external circulation

The reaction liquid at the bottom of the reactor is extracted by a centrifugal pump, and the reaction gas in the gas phase space of the reactor is pumped by a venturi tube. The reaction gas is fully mixed and dispersed in the venturi tube, so that very fine bubbles can be obtained, greatly increasing the gas-liquid contact area and reaction rate. The advantages of liquid external circulation are fast reaction speed, continuous production and convenient heat exchange, while the disadvantages are large energy consumption and high requirements for circulating pumps.

 glass reactor lab

3. Gas liquid internal circulation

The self-priming gas-liquid reactor does not need additional gas conveying machinery. It can contact the gas-liquid in the reactor just by inhaling the gas in the upper space of the reactor. The reactor uses a specially designed hollow turbine agitator to continuously inhale the reaction gas from the liquid surface while mixing the feed and liquid, so as to realize the circulation and dispersion of the gas-liquid. At the same time, it uses a more efficient axial flow impeller to make the gas and solid catalyst diffuse in the reactor, so as to achieve the goal of rapid reaction.


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