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How to Install Jacketed Glass Reactor

The inter-layer of glass reactor can be filled with different hot and cold circulating liquids. In the sealed glass container, the reactants are stirred and reacted under normal pressure or negative pressure. It is an ideal experimental pilot equipment for modern biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and new material synthesis. 

 glass reactor kettle

Installation of jacketed glass reactor

1. First of all, choose a place that is flat and close to the water source sewer, power supply and vacuum source.

2. After opening the package, check whether the main accessories of the machine are complete according to the packing list.

3. Place the stainless steel frame on a flat ground.

4. Fix the motor on the main pole and adjust the position.

5. The stirring rod passes through the middle of the kettle cover to stir the tetrafluoroethylene. The top of the stirring rod is fixed on the universal joint of the main shaft of the motor. Tighten the fixing screws on the universal joint, and then adjust the position of the motor, paying attention to the vertical concentricity.

6. Install the governor on the top of the left pole and tighten the screws. After connecting the five-core plug of the motor with the five-core socket of the governor, turn on the power; start the motor, first slowly adjust the governor knob, and watch the motor stirring rod run. Whether it is stable or not, and the stirring rod does not oscillate, can the operation work be carried out.

7. Install the vacuum gauge on the right pole and tighten the screws.

8. The left dripping feeding port on the kettle cover is connected to the constant pressure funnel; the right ball mill port is the condensation port, and the return elbow is installed and then the snake-type condenser is inserted; the middle front is the thermometer sleeve port, and the thermometer sleeve is inserted; method; The blue port is a solid feeding port, which is sealed with a polytetrafluoroethylene cover; the back of the cover is a multi-functional spare port; the bottom of the kettle body is provided with a discharge valve; the upper and lower parts of the kettle body are the inlet and outlet of the circulating liquid. The lower port is connected to the circulating liquid inlet, and the upper port is connected to the circulating liquid return port.

9. When installing glass instruments, it must be cleaned, and vacuum grease is applied to each interface to prevent the glass from locking, and then vacuum grease is applied to prevent air leakage.

10. Press the universal wheel fixing device to stir, if the stirring is stable, it means that the debugging has been completed.

 glass reactor 100l

The above is the whole process and precautions for the installation of the double-layer glass reactor. Since most of the parts are glass components, be sure to handle it with care.


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